homesick. TAGGED UNDER: Homesickness Advertisement Homesickness is an emotional state of mind in which the affected person experiences a strong feeling of longing due to separation from the home environment. Small children may experience it on the first day of their school or when they have to go away from home to attend a summer camp. Homesickness at college level is also very common amongst first-year students who'av never had any prior experience of staying away from home. Sometimes, students feel it when they change their college and jo PerformX Testo in a new one. Homesickness in adults cannot be ruled out too. They experience it when they have to travel alone to some distant locations leaving their families and friends behind. Basically, homesickness symptoms show up when a person has to live in an unfamiliar environment. What are the Symptoms of Homesickness? Usually, a person feels homesick when he or she gets detached from home. But, there are some people who start feeling homesick even days or weeks before they are actually separated from their home. Initially, the symptoms are psychological. A few of them have been listed below: Yearning to go back home Constant feeling of loneliness Sadness for no valid reason Strong feelings of anxiousness Lack of motivation Loss of confidence Depressive thoughts Frequent mood swings Unexplainable pain Sense of insecurity Living in isolation Simple tasks appear difficult and challenging When these symptoms persist for a long time,

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